ZOHUKUM - Create Store

A Save, connect and Co Exist. Social impact for families and Retailers. Complete CRM and SRM. CRM helps in managing own Customers & SRM to manage and get the best out of sellers. Have and deal with your known Sellers & Customers.

ZOHUKUM - Dealer, Supply Chain, Delivery Management

Reverse ordering and analysis tools for retailers and distributors with invoicing. 4 ways to order and 4 ways to pay, Analyse, compare. 5 Transaction Types, Buyer to Raw Material Supplier and Delivery Agencies all on the same platform. GST, Tendering, Auction.Improve Savings , Control, Sales and Profits. Real Time MIS.


A market place for all and also a personal assistant. We already have 40000 product repository. Part of Market ecosystem.


Wholesale Demand Aggregation - buying in wholesale and distributing in smaller lots. Aggregate the demand and service hub and spoke model.


Doctors to upload and connect Chemist & Patient, More Features for patient and chemist.


Hyper local Delivery Freelance Agents; Flexible, Earn, Learn and Grow. Surge rates, KYC Documents, Police verification, Reference Check and code based pickup.


There is no tracking happening for Guards. No way except CCTV and statements of people to know what is happening/happened. Requirement of agencies and insurance companies, bosses, security agency.


Complete Management of Sales and Field Force. Attendance, Visit Plan, Beat Plan, Add, Edit, Delete, Comment, Locate, Chat, Reduce telephone expense, travel and re-imursement.


Skilling on map - Locate, Select , Compare, Feedback, Book and Interview. Govt., Training Agencies, state Govt., Corporate and People ..All connected. Real-time report to Govt. Process Based.


E Learning, Training, Skilling and Development.


Business Process, Cost Saving Consultancy as a division considering we have Domain and Software Expertise; Sales Support:Technology based and with own/associates.