Pricing Domestic


Pricing Domestic
Plans Base1 Base2 P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6
Hosting Special Offer Cloud Hosting Hosting
Pricing Price Discount

Dist, Stock, Manuf, Brand, Per Month Annual 10% 10% 10% 10% Ask Ask
Reseller Programme and List Price is for Direct Customers Markup of 20-30%
Single Combo Combo Combo Combo

Licence Based User/Single/Corporate INR INR M+C M+L C+L M+C+L

Market for only one solution (M) Create Store 500 6000 10800 8640 - 14040

Corporate for Dealer , Supply, GST, Invoicing, Payment ,Delivery 500 6000 - 8640

Staff/Guard -Attendance,Visit,Comments, etc 300 3600

Delivery Agent/Other Services Get Carpenter,Plumber, Others 100 1200

Logistics for only Tracking solution ( L ) 300 3600 -

*Retailers /Departmental Store-20% Disc
No of Months, Special Negotiated Packages also there

12 Corp Plan 10800 8640 8640 14040

We are almost at 40% discount as compared to Industry. Though No One has the Complete Functionality and Features we have.
One Time Set Up Cost - Corporate Deal

Turnover in Rs. Crore on platform/Corporate
Annual Sales Value lof Corporate, Crores INR

5 10 25 50 100 500 1000
Annual Transaction (Purchase+Sales)

Offsite Hosting including/excluding Space
Higher 100000 200000 250000 1000000 1500000 5500000 5500000

Lower 100000 200000 250000 1000000 1500000 3500000 3500000
Onsite Hosting
Higher 100000 200000 250000 1000000 1500000 5000000 5000000

Lower 100000 200000 250000 1000000 1500000 3500000 3500000
Additional Cost for Server Space As per the Actual Space Cost
No of Users

9 19 24 95 142 332 332
Every Additional Licence, Base 10530
10530 10530 10530 10530 10530 10530 10530
Renewal Fees 30%

AMC Per Annum 17%

Additional 1 Full Time Person on BPO for max utilisation and benefit Cost on Actual N N Y Y Y Y Y
License Fee per user shall get additional discount if the Distributor gets its retailers. 5% of the Base / Combo.
If Retailer Gets Distributor and other retailers, 5% of amount collected fee shall be shared.
Renewal After One Year will be subject to services and usage. Business Performance and usage shall reduce cost and link it to your performance
Other Additional Charges shall be there based on the volumes, number of products and savings/profits as the case may based on negotiations
Listing Fee will be there if you are selling your products on our site/store
Corporate can take for itself or its complete supply chain including retailers.
Terms and Conditions are mentioned in the Terms and Conditions of the website and is also available in the Mobile Application
Software Pricing and Terms:
Single User Pricing: INR as per above + Taxes
Multi User Pricing: INR as per above + Taxes for each additional computer
Price includes free one year online & telephonic support and access to product updates
Annual Charges after initial free support period: as per above + Taxes (may vary depending upon installed modules)
Annual Charges include online & telephonic support and access to product updates
Additional prices may apply for additional modules / add-ons / extra node licenses.
100% Payment on registration
MOQ, MROQ, GST invoicing and Report covered. Expiry, Batch, FIFO, LIFO shall be based on the POS and Inventory/ERP integration.
1. Unlimited Products and Multi Industry, Upload Product
Query, Retail, wholesale, Internal Product
2. Promote Store- Invite+SMS +EMAIL, Create Database
3. Offers on Home Screen and Create Combo (Buyer and Seller)
4. Get Query, Give Quote, Direct Orders, Best Buy Bid
5. Get Support for Increasing Orders, Database
6. Online Payment and COD
7. Common Mobile App
8. Promotional Sampling Products of Brands
9. Get Access to Wholesale Buyers
10. Bid on Live Orders of your Area
11. Chat
12. Increase your Service Area
13. Come Online and Retain / Increase Customers
14. Connect with other sellers to get Products
15. Reports, Daily Sales, Customerwise , Product Wise
16. Get offers from Brand , Distributor
17. Notifications
18. SMS and E mails to All Customer, Delivery Agency
19. Analyse Sales and Compare
20. Connect your store and offers with Social Media
21. Launch New Category and Products like Pooja, Franchise appointments
22. Multiple Price fro outside sales and Internal transactions
23. Invoicing
24. Delivery Agency / Delivery Boy Integration , Option to select and Auto Selection Logic
25. Barcoding
26. Integration with ERP
27. Return order, comment, accept, reject, comment and select collection agency
28. POS, Commission, Accounting (Limited) in next release
29. Training and Loans from Banks and NBFC's
Corporate Solution
1. Self Managed Ecosystem for Vendors, HO, Manufacturing Unit, Stockist, Distributor, Franchisee, Retailers, Delivery Agencies
2. Corporate MIS
3. Analysis
4. Control
5. Reach
6. Chat
7. Target Offers Area and User Type based
8. E-commerce enabled
9. Reverse Ordering
10.Delivery Tracking with Logisctics
11.Payment Solution
13.Direct Buy
14.Direct Buy with Quotation
15.Bid Buy/Auction (Open and Closed)
15.Live Offers
16.Live Orders Bidding, Exchange.
17.Business Analysis
18.Multi-lingual - On Request
19.Multi-currency - On Request
20.SMS, Email
21.Promotional and SEO support
22.Mob App Based
23.Offsite, Onsite and Shared Portal
26.Product wise update for sales, ordering, despatch, inventory , remarks, delivery agency/tucks and analysis
27.On the Go, Anywhere, Anytime and Anything that s affecting your business
28. Delivery Agency / Delivery Boy Integration , Option to select and Auto Selection Logic
29. Barcoding - 1D product and Invoice
30. Integration with ERP - Customisation
31. Return order, comment, accept, reject, comment and select collection agency
32. POS, Commission, Accounting (Limited) in next release- Part Of Integration
33. Training and Loans from Banks and NBFC's to Supply Chain
Logistics Solution
1. Single App and Website, Integrated and Separate Solution
2.Sellers to see all nearby Delivery Boys
3.Delivery Boys to punch and change rates, start and end delivery
4.Flexible Timings
5.Earn, Learn, Improve
6.Reduced Expenses of the Store
7.Better and cheaper rates of delivery
8.Major Social Impact as there are almost 2 crore delivery boys
9.Solution for Guards, Schools, Sales Staff, Drivers tracking
10.Courier Solution
11. Pick and Drop Solution
12. Sales Team Attendance and Monitoring, Beat Plan, next version
Total Features Types are around 75 covering extensive requirements